A message to our customers…

A message to our customers

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  1. I can’t wait until you are back! Stay Safe …. You guys with – Convention and visitors team … see you soon!

  2. You handled my refunds impeccably. You have earned my trust and my business as soon as it’s possible to travel again. Thank you!

  3. It sux. I forced to cancel 5 months of planning to be in Vegas. Purchased several shows & events. Flights.

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  5. Was there in January..was going to be there at least several more times this year including end of May and early October. Unfortunately vegas not returning to near normal until next year. Count me and all our friends out with wearing a mask in vegas unless its Holloween night. Not flying 2000 miles to wear a mask and look at people wearing one..I realize for safety but I’ll return when or if its safe to where we dont have to look like clowns walking around town

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