Chilly fall weather? Can’t relate. …


Chilly fall weather? Can’t relate. 😎

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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

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  1. This post is a joke….had a dude in an orange shirt tell me to put a mask on while I used my phone to check a score while my beer was in the other hand….either open it up..including the bars at the lazy river..or keep it shut down..don’t give people the false hope that it’s still “Vegas” when it sucks

  2. Dirty pools dirty trash filled pool sides and dirty lounge areas. I asked why they weren’t cleaning up and they responded because of covid. This post is misleading, this definitely not how the pool area looks.

  3. This is false advertising! We’re here now on vaca and were mandated to wear a mask while were laying out, drinking, sitting on the edge, like this girl you have sitting there, etc! This is the worse vaca at MGM!

  4. This is too funny since the pool is zero fun now since they’re being insane about wearing a mask when it’s 95 outside and everyone is 6 feet away. We are OUTSIDE. Get a grip. You’re not helping yourselves with the low rates and the pool mask police. It was offensive and rude. I won’t wear a mask outside. It’s ridiculous.

  5. Disgusting hotel with employees who back stab each other. Sewer pipes throughout the hotel overflow feces and the hotel has a MOLD problem and they haven’t cleaned their ac ducts EVER. Managers who couldn’t find their way out of a cardboard box let alone have integrity and character

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