Grand. Wok. Noodle. Bar. Need we say more?…


Grand. Wok. Noodle. Bar. Need we say more?

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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

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  1. please come forward publicly and say that you will NOT be enforcing vaccine passports. ( telling people that they need a passport in order to do something is BLACKMAIL) Not one of the vaccines made is approved by the fda

  2. Stop the Earthquake 9,2 600 hundred miles long… Destiny… is not a flip of the coin Your choices are You… Your the master.. some things in life we have NO control over, before You took Your first breathe this World was turning, and You can’t stop natural disasters.. for example when Sandy storm came I lost everything all my precious belongings were gone, something You read about but say? this will never happen to me… 3 Years before the pandemic I warned the officials to STOP making international flights that would have prevented many lives from dying…We take it on the chin… but how many punches can we take? many we are durable/adorable there’s a little Tone in everyone right God Bless @realtoneantone

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@divinedosalv “Jini Dosa” is straight from the street food scene in Mumbai stuff…

Jean Georges Steakhouse at ARIA 3730 Las Vegas Blvd S. Las Vegas, NV 89109 The S…