Introducing ! A new, exciting side bet… Available now – e…

Introducing !

A new, exciting side bet… Available now – exclusively at the El Cortez!

Here’s how it works:

The Cone bets are placed on the 2nd set of numbers arranged in a “racetrack” pattern. After all The Cone bets are made the dealer announces “no more side bets.” Players can continue to place bets on the roulette numbers until the dealer announces “no more bets.”

Equally spaced on The Cone are 1 GOLD icon and 9 SILVER icons. The dealer nudges The Cone in the opposite direction from the outer cylinder. It slows down, stops and each icon is aligned with a number.

The dealer places markers on the winning roulette number and the winning Cone number.

The player wins when the ball lands in a pocket that is adjacent to an icon and that number matches the number bet on The Cone racetrack.

Pay Table:
GOLD icon – Pays 300 to 1
SILVER icon – Pays 100 to 1

Come try it out and experience the “richer roulette wheel!”

Now spinning at #elcortezlv

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