“Monday” is a perfect excuse for a fancy cocktail. …

“Monday” is a perfect excuse for a fancy cocktail. 🥃

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  1. What was the deal with the stabbing on Thursday night by the elevators. Your security is fucking awful, more worried about people taking pictures of common areas and on the roof of parking garages than addressing the overly violent belligerent drunks that your low room rates are attracting.
    @mgmgrand spoke with a metro officer last night at NYNY he said he’s never seen it this out of control “INSIDE” the resorts, and I’ll agree. People on scooters driving around the inside banging into people and things. Fights, shootings, homeless people sleeping in hallways. You guys need to get your shit together.

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Today’s weather: 88° (aka: “perfection”) #DTLV #Vegas #Monday…

Pretty soon everything in Vegas will be open….