ONE YEAR LATER: With the Strip shutting down one year ago this week, we want to …

ONE YEAR LATER: With the Strip shutting down one year ago this week, we want to hear from you! What memories do you have of the Strip shutting down last March amid the pandemic? Email our news desk a clip discussing your memories for a chance to be featured on air:

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  1. I normally just drive to the strip when I’m bored to enjoy the lights and soak in that I really live here. I remember driving down Tropicana into Las Vegas Blvd and no people in sight. No traffic. It was the weirdest drive. In my 14 years of going down there it was crazy to see it that empty at night.

  2. I drove down the strip on a Friday night at 10pm and didn’t see a single person . Not 1 . It was like out of a movie

  3. You say memories like if people’s lives weren’t ruined thanks to the shut down and poor leadership by our governor

  4. We live blocks from the strip. Our memories of how quiet, calm & hearing no traffic. After a few wks birds came back along with other animals.

  5. With not having tourists and traffic on the strip, you could actually see how beautiful the buildings and all the artistry that was put into them. Normally you are just trying to get through the crowd and not hit anyone and you never get to appreciate how gorgeous it is. We are ready for tourists to come back though. We need jobs and the energy to come back.

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