Our mask policy applies to everyone on property…even Leo. …

Our mask policy applies to everyone on property…even Leo. 🦁

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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

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  1. You have two options. Wear a mask when asked or since it’s private property they have every right to call 911 and you’ll be escorted off the property. Take your pick.

  2. @lvmpd And the security guards at the MGM need to learn respect, they don’t want metro to be called in many many cases in many cases they don’t want metro called because they have their own agenda that metro wouldn’t approve of, as a matter of fact I was told “We don’t want #Metro here we are #MGM #security we want to do things our way!” #lvmpd #lasvegaslife #lasvegas #CityOfLasVegas #TheStrip #mgmgrand #Casino #NV #writingtheirownlaws #News

  3. @mgmgrand so are masks required when by the pool or not? You say they aren’t required only when walking around or in the pool but then I hear from a recent guest they were told they are required to wear them when lounging on a chair. Which is it!?

  4. This is great! Have you also considered UVC? Excellent cleaning times with no residue and low overhead / labor operation!

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