Panda is baaaaack …

Panda is baaaaack 🐼

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  1. He’s a decent goalie. Isn’t a star goalie, but is a good backup which is what he should be going forward

  2. Jesus its crazy how much you “fans” hate Lehner for no other reason than hes a backup to Fleury. You guys are going to ruin this mans confidence. Just stop trying to divide the fan base and support your goalies‼

  3. Wow, the hate being spewed in these comments is disgusting. Lehner is a part of the team whether you trolls like him or not. And hey look, he helped the team win the game tonight.

  4. i don’t understand how people can’t just accept the fact that we have the best goalie tandem in the leauge

  5. Damn y’all some haters, I love fleury too, but you can’t play him 95% of the season, anyone who thinks lehner is bad doesn’t know hockey lol

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