The suite life is calling. It’d be rude not to answer….

The suite life is calling. It’d be rude not to answer.

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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

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  1. Rude like how me and my family were discriminated against as soon as we walked in the door. TERRIBLEEEEEEE Experience!!! The rooms were also dirty and crazy noises all throughout the night. It sounded like someone was fighting, and then we heard loud screams. Minutes later, someone was wiggling our room door knob. Come to find out, the screams were from an incident (A stabbing)that happened right next to us. Hide your kids and hide your wives; sleep in the car if you have to, because this ain’t it.

  2. @lvmpd And the security guards at the MGM need to learn respect, they don’t want metro to be called in many many cases in many cases they don’t want metro called because they have their own agenda that metro wouldn’t approve of, as a matter of fact I was told “We don’t want #Metro here we are #MGM #security we want to do things our way!” #lvmpd #lasvegaslife #lasvegas #CityOfLasVegas #TheStrip #mgmgrand #Casino #NV #writingtheirownlaws #News

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