#Throwback to one year ago, today… March 18, 2020. The #ElCortezLV closed its …

#Throwback to one year ago, today… March 18, 2020. The #ElCortezLV closed its doors for the first time since 1941. As Las Vegas’s longest running establishment, this was incredibly surreal, difficult, sad and scary. Our message to everyone on that day was “See you all on the other side.”

…and here we are! One year later. We’re able to look at these photos now, after months of progress, with nostalgia and acceptance. We thank you all for your continued support and can’t wait to reunite with each and every one of you ❤️

Love, The El Cortez

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  1. See you in June El Cortez, just booked our stay today!!! Can’t wait to check out the new carpet @elcortezlv @ebesneezerbouge @ownyourluck

  2. I just left after two days there and am blown away by the incredible staff and their ability to provide the safest environment possible for all of us. I saw a lot of preventative measures put into place and enforced. I work at a resort in Los Angeles and I can say far more people were following the rules here then at my resort. You guys knocked it out of the park, and I was hesitant at first. Thank you!

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