Today’s forecast is sunny with a chance of fun. …

Today’s forecast is sunny with a chance of fun. ☀️😎

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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

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  1. @mgmgrand MGM Grand Las Vegas really dropped the ball this past weekend I have not experienced such disappointment in Vegas in over 10 years going year in and out . Don’t open a hotel if you are not ready for all operations. Charging a resort fee and not be able to go to
    The pool for over 6hrs is unbelievable . The next day we get to the check in area for the pool and they loose my place in the digital line . So waited 4 hrs and still didn’t get in and all they can say is sorry out of our control . You pay almost 200$ in resort fees and don’t give first a opportunity to enjoy them . This killed our holiday weekend because the only really reason we booked at the mgm is because of the nice pool . Close the hotel till you are ready to give a quality experience.

  2. If i stay at another MGM resort like the luxor but wanted to come to the grand complex pool or wet republic pool do i have to pay for entry??

  3. @lvmpd And the security guards at the MGM need to learn respect, they don’t want metro to be called in many many cases in many cases they don’t want metro called because they have their own agenda that metro wouldn’t approve of, as a matter of fact I was told “We don’t want #Metro here we are #MGM #security we want to do things our way!” #lvmpd #lasvegaslife #lasvegas #CityOfLasVegas #TheStrip #mgmgrand #Casino #NV #writingtheirownlaws #News

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