Can you hear it? The sound of the #vintage coin machines is really unlike anyth…

Can you hear it? 🔈 The sound of the #vintage coin machines is really unlike anything else. What’s your 2nd favorite sound? Comment below! #Vegas

(yes that’s our old carpet for those detailed observers… this photo was taken pre-renovation!) 😘

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El Cortez Hotel & Casino

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  1. I was there right before Christmas for the first time. Love the sound of the coins dropping at the video poker machines. Thanks for keeping these alive. I’ll be back soon.

  2. I remember it well… it was soo exciting! Buckets of coins to the coin counter… it really was fun. Gray fingers from pumping coins into the slots and from scooping them out of the tray to the bucket…

  3. We live this place. My boyfriend and I go here all the time and the staff is fantastic. Management is in top of their game and always there to help with anything!

  4. Oh my God. I used to work the slot department many moons ago in STL when there were hourly buy-in limits and no vouchers. I remember buckets and buckets of coins, hard count staff, amd the noise!!! Good times.

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