For a second consecutive day, peaceful demonstrations in Las Vegas to protest th…

For a second consecutive day, peaceful demonstrations in Las Vegas to protest the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody turned confrontational and chaotic later in the evening. Swipe up in our stories for more. 📷: @lebaskow @cchhaassee/Review-Journal

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  1. Why do you keep reporting this peaceful??? They have broken glass on businesses, graffitied.. thrown bottles charged cops …

  2. Is that was vandalism and destruction of property is now called? “Peaceful” “confrontational” “chaotic”

  3. EI wasn’t going to comment about this but, if Blacks are such good people then why are the majority of them protesting doing most of the damage & looting & not protesting like you want Change. Seems to me there are good Blacks out there that could stand up and stop others from continuing the violence and why is the family allowing the general public to damage others, businesses, and the American life. Remember We are all in this together, NOT!

  4. PLEASE @reviewjournal USE UR VOICE TO HELP PUSH A JUNE 19TH PERADE ! So everytime we gather it isn’t for a funeral or protest !!!

  5. How do those cops not faint in all that riot gear. It is 100 degrees outside. Talk about some Hazard Pay. Damn

  6. Let’s see the cop is a gay porn star, Floyd was a porn star, they worked together for YEARS, he was drunk, on drugs and it’s another Soros paid race war. Guess what? The whites have had enough of the BS, especially the racists blacks of Vegas! Did we go nuts when that poor old man was pushed off the bus on his face?? Or the little boy thrown off the balcony at the Mall in Minneapolis by a black guy? EVERYDAY the blacks kill each other ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND US! This is a communist takeover by those who have hated us for 2000 years, look at the Middle East and those poor Palestinians.

  7. It’s sad, the very same police officers that you’re criticizing now, are the same police officers that you were praising two and a half years ago at the Route 91 festival. How quickly you have all turned on them!

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