The good news keeps coming! Start building up your appetite, because @chef_morim…

The good news keeps coming! Start building up your appetite, because @chef_morimoto’s restaurant is now open on Thursdays. Doors open at 5PM 😎

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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

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  1. Please take your money and bets elsewhere Support for their players is just awful. Worst in the industry. This is a true story actual and factual !! Over a month ago while in the middle of playing on their casino app I get a message their is a issue with your account and closes. I try to reopen and when I put my email in it says wrong email ( I know it is correct as I have been playing everyday ) I contact support and they say that is not the correct email for this account and can’t help me. The hell it’s not !!! I know what my email is !! Somehow and someway my freaking email was changed by someone. Every time I logged in and or deposited to this account before this happened a record of it was emailed to me. So I have dozens and dozens of these emails showing that indeed it was my email. Not to mention the bank statements to match all those deposit emails They treated me like I was a criminal and no one their was helping me at all. In fact now when I try to chat with them they literally just close chat Hang up on me ! There is no phone to call to speak to anyone Oh there is a phone number but no one ever and I mean ever picks up. So I had 800 dollars in this account that I can not access in which I needed so very badly and they literally ignored me and weren’t at all interested in actually researching and looking at all my attached docs I sent showing emails bank statements , Pic of ID I have all the proof in the world that this was and is my account and not one support member was interested in actually helping me after countless emails sent to them . All they say is we will have the relevant team look we will update you in 24 – 48 hours. Well how many freaking hours are in a month because I still have not received a single update about this and now they ignore me like I’m making this all up or something. I’m beyond infuriated and just amazed that a company can treat a good paying customer this poorly . I have All the proof but no one even cares to take a actual look. Run and do not ever sign up here. !!! You have been warned !!

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