#Throwback to 1991, Las Vegas Strip • Photo courtesy of @oldschoolvegas • #LasV…

#Throwback 🕰 to 1991, Las Vegas Strip • Photo courtesy of @oldschoolvegas • #LasVegas #Vintage #TBT

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El Cortez Hotel & Casino

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  1. My wife and I visited for the first time in spring of 1991. Flat broke 22 year old newlyweds. @ballysvegas treated us like we were the most important guests in the world. We walked the strip from the Glass Pool Inn all the way to Glitter Gulch visiting every casino along the way. Everyone was friendly and wanted you to have a great time. We learned to gamble on 25 cent tables at Barbary Coast where the dealers took the time to teach you the game instead of just taking your money. After hundreds of trips to town over the past 30 years we will be moving to Lake Las Vegas next spring. All because of the way we were treated by Bally’s and everyone else that first trip in 1991.

  2. The golf course center photo is The Dunes. It ran from where Bellagio & The Park are now & back. The course in the top left is The Tropicana, which is where the MGM sits now.

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